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Website Service Plans

Host your site with us, Get peace of mind, and save $$!
How much can you save with a service plan from Cross City Creations?

For small-business owners, there are two things that can make purchasing a website frightening: 1) How much it costs, and 2) How quickly it will become outdated.

The graphics shown here illustrate how much you would pay per $100 on your site design quote, just by purchasing a Web Service Plan from Cross City Creations! At the same time, you get a monthly subscription to design and development services. So, you maintain your website at a fraction of the cost.

You may not have the capacity to hire a full-time web designer; but with a Cross City Creations service plan, you won't have to!

  • Just the Site

    FIll out our questionnaire, and get a quote in 12 hours! Host it anywhere you'd like, without making any further commitment.

  • Basic Hosting Plan

    Agree to host your site with us, get free site backups and security updates, and save 10% off your quote!

  • Deluxe Hosting Plan

    Everything offered by the Basic Hosting Plan, plus 2 hours of web development services per month, and save 20%!

  • Premier Hosting Plan

    The Deluxe Hosting Plan with 4 hours of web services per month, and you save 40%! You also save $5 per hour if you need more!

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