Professional Email: The Best First Impression!

Email with Confidence

Every interaction you share with customers (and potential customers) either builds or breaks trust in your company. Because of this, everything we can do to improve that level of trust is a must! Imagine filling out a form online, only to get a response from What does that do to a customer’s trust? They have contacted, but some third party is responding! How much better would it be if they received the message from It may seem small, but it makes a big difference in their comfort receiving email from your company. Furthermore, it is great advertising! Any time you share that email address, their first thought is “Cool; they have a website!” (As cliché as that may seem, it is one of the first ways people find out about my own web products!). That email address can be put on business cards (which we also offer), social media pages, and your website for a consistent professional image in every medium.

Who Owns Your Email?

If your employees use a free email service to communicate with customers, what happens if an employee leaves? The contact they have made leads to a comfortable business relationship between them and the customer, making it likely that they take the customer’s business with them! Otherwise, they might just ignore the messages, meaning that your customer becomes frustrated with your company! With a custom email address using your site’s domain name (“” for example), all emails remain property of the company. You are able to access them in the event of personnel changes, and any new employees who contact customers will use email addresses that your customer can trust. If you would like to find out more, please contact me below!

Email: A Better Communication Tool

  • It’s fast – Get messages and respond in a manner of minutes!
  • It’s flexible – Use it to answer questions, take orders, and more!
  • It’s easy – We can set up your phones and computer client (like Outlook) so you can receive emails immediately!

See for more advantages! You can also drop me a note below if you have any questions or want to get started on a custom website for your business!