Premier Web Service Plan

$100.00 / month


  • 40% off of any web services purchased with it!
  • 4 hours of web design services per month
  • $5 discount off any hourly charges purchased after allotted 4 hours per month
  • Hosting (unless you prefer to host elsewhere)
  • Site Backups
  • Software Updates (for WordPress sites)

This package is perfect if your site does not require regular updates

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All of our Web Service Plans include your monthly hosting (unless you prefer to keep your site's files hosted elsewhere), site backups, and software updates.

The Premier Web Service Plan also includes four hours of web services per month, as well as a $5 discount from any per-hour charge above that.

Best of all, as a bonus for signing up, you get a 40% discount on any web services you purchase with it. This means you could save hundreds of dollars on a new site design!