Experience at Work: 15 Years of Web Design!

15 Years of Web Design Experience
My name is Josh James, and I have been designing and developing websites since 2000. What does this mean for you? A lot has changed in the field of web design and development over the last fifteen years, and I have grown along with it. In college, I took courses in computer programming, which prepared me to learn important web development languages such as PHP (which is what powers Facebook and WordPress websites) and MySQL (which is used to allow web pages to interact with databases). I have extensive experience developing website code from scratch, but I also am familiar with several high-end development tools such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver, Muse, Photoshop, and Illustrator, as well as alternatives like NetBeans, and Aptana.

What does this experience mean for you?

Many of the current trends in website design require the use of advanced technologies like PHP and JavaScript. Any time you are able to interact with a page (including contact forms, “update” buttons, drag-and-drop, and many others), these languages are being used to carry it out. PHP is perfect to use for displaying information from a database, as is useful when designing e-commerce websites. Instead of having to design and maintain a different page for each product, the developer can design a framework that tells your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) how to display items from the database. This means that the overall design is much more flexible for adding, removing, and updating information on those pages. In addition, the amount of time (and therefore the cost) to design a new page for each product is not required, allowing your project to be ready sooner and with a lower price tag!

Experience in Design

In addition to web development, I have 13 years of experience in design (creating graphics, designing logos and layouts, etc.). This means that your website will be easy to use, and easy on the eyes! So whether you need a logo created, a color scheme updated, or a brand new design from scratch, Cross City Creations will take care of you! Contact us below if you want to learn more or get started!